Knowing v. Trusting

I have a pet peeve.

holding child hand Thirty-One Thirty One 31 proverbs gifts Emily Page husband H.O.T. knowing trusting God futureMy kids love to ask me about what is going to happen. When are we going to do ______?  Are we going to be able to ____?  What are we going to _____? It could be about dinner, vacation plans, or just about anything.  The problem is, the answers are usually (lawyer alert!) “It Depends”.  They hate that.  Even worse, sometimes I give a specific answer and then change my mind or the circumstances change and it doesn’t happen as I said.  They REALLY hate that.  So they get mad when I can’t tell them specifically what the future holds, and they get mad when it doesn’t happen like I told them.  That’s my pet peeve.

And yet, I do that with God all the time.

I want to know God’s plan. It would give me such comfort to know exactly what the future holds for the next week, the next month, the next year. I’d like to be able to know His long term plan so I can set a goal and then engage the auto-pilot.

I’m realizing that God doesn’t work that way.  I’m sure some folks get a life-time calling or defined vision from God, but for me, right now, I’m coming to realize that he doesn’t want me to know the future.  He wants me here with Him right now. He wants me to trust Him without knowing the plan. I just need to do what He wants me to do today. In this moment, am I serving Him? Taking each moment as an opportunity to follow God keeps me from saying, “OK, God, I see where this is going. I’ll take it from here.”

It’s like another pet peeve of mine: walking as a family and I know where we’re going, the girls don’t, yet they still want to walk ahead. It must’ve happened a hundred times at Disneyworld.

God knows where we’re going. I just need to follow my heavenly Father.. We’ll get there when we get there.

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One thought on “Knowing v. Trusting

  1. Love this! I have a hard time not asking God questions about where He is taking me and why, but I have learned that I will never know His ultimate plan for my life and the sooner I learn to trust Him with each day and every step I take with Him the easier it will be for me. Great post!

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