I have a love/hate relationship with the movie Pulp Fiction.  On the one hand, it is uberviolent, profane, filled with substance abuse and the most vulgar and violent content.  On the other hand, it is a riveting story, told in a fascinating way, with interesting characters and a ton of quotable material.  It’s one of those movies that has some artistic and entertainment value but should be viewed by mature audiences only and then with caution.

Having issued that disclaimer (lawyer alert!), one of my favorite quotes from this movie comes from an interchange between Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames) and Butch (Bruce Willis).  Butch, a boxer, has agreed to take a dive in an upcoming bout, and Wallace is addressing any thoughts he may have to renege.

Pride Butch Marcellus Wallace bar Pulp Fiction  husband Thirty-OneMarcellus: The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride f***ing with you. F*** pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.

We hate being forced to do something, don’t we?  Pride says, “You’re not the boss of me. Who are you to tell me what to do?”  The question is: who do you belong to?

If you’re a Christian, your body is not your own.  You have been redeemed, and bought with a price.  You are to be devoted to Him, which means dying to yourself and living for Him alone.  “Dying to self” is popular Christian lingo that a lot of folks new to faith may have a harder time grasping.  It means the death of pride.  The death of self-interest.  All those baser selfish instincts that scream out “WHAT ABOUT ME?” must be killed off.

And husbands?  Ha. You just got started.

When you take your marriage vows, your body is no longer your own.  You become “one flesh” with your wife.  “One flesh” is more of that Christian lingo, but think of it this way: Your wife is now part of you.  You are now part of her.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Like your right arm.

You need your right arm.  You would be devastated to be separated from it.  If it gets hurt, you feel it.  And if it needed help, you would do what you had to in order to help, rather than asking, “What about me?” because it’s your arm — it IS you.  You should treat your spouse the same way.

To put it bluntly:  When your spouse needs something, or asks something of you, and you don’t want to do it… that sting? That’s pride f***ing with you.  Pride only hurts, it never helps.

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One thought on “Pride

  1. It’s tough using movie quotes. I like to do the same sometimes, and I am very careful because so many of us read the quote and stop right there if it’s offensive. I enjoyed the fact that you used the quote anyway, and you used it appropriately. Kudos.

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