May the Fourth Be With You

It’s awesome how the truth of God reveals itself in the timeless stories of our culture. Intentionally in Narnia and Middle Earth by Christian authors, to be sure, but also unintentionally in the stories of Harry Potter and even long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away…


It’s been thirty-seven years since it first came out but I remember it as though it were yesterday.  For the moment the movie began, like a tractor beam pulling in the Millenium Falcon, I was drawn into the imagery, the ideas, the heroes and villains, the soaring music, even the cheesy title slides of George Lucas’ space-opera trilogy, Star Wars.  What’s more, so was almost everybody else I knew.  Because something within that story hit a nerve for a lot of people and it still does.  Indeed, not only was the film franchise able to span decades, but there’s a new set of Star Wars movies being produced right now for release next year, and I have no doubt but that they will set box office records as well, adding to the haul of some 4.3 billion dollars made so far and counting.

Now I mention all of…

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