Thirty-One, Thirty One, 31, direct sales, income, parttime, part-time, work at home, work from home, stay at home, wahm, sahm, start business, entrepreneur, gifts, bags, totes, commission, work, job, employment, unemployment, underemploymentMy wife Emily is just about the model of the Proverbs 31 woman.  She is also an independent Senior Director for Thirty-One Gifts (so named in reference to those scriptures), which we think is a wonderful company with great products and great opportunities.

Many of my blog posts relate to our lives with Thirty-One and the impact that the company has had on us.  Below, I’ll try to list the major posts I’ve written addressing Thirty-One, but if you have any questions about Thirty-One products or the fantastic Thirty-One opportunity for direct sales as a full-time or part-time source of income, even for stay at home moms and dads, please contact me, or Emily, or check out her blog.

H.O.T.:  Husband of Thirty-One

In this economy, there have been months at my job that were very poor and her Thirty-One income is the only reason we could pay all the bills.  She feels great about herself, she has new friends and colleagues, she has earned trips to Disney World and Cancun, Best Buy gift cards (pay attention to this one fellas)…  it is all great.  But the best part for me is I can’t remember the last time I felt stressed or resentful over a purchase she made, because she earned the extra income that bought it.  I didn’t realize what a drain and stress it was on our marriage until it was gone.  I can’t remember when our marriage was better.  That is the Thirty-One gift.

Having a Thirty-One Wife

With Thirty-One, she is able to pick our girls up from school in the afternoons.  She meets new friends as customers and colleagues.  She is diligent and shows our daughters the value of hard work.  She earns trips to take her husband to Cancun and her family to Disney World.  And she does it all with silent and invisible pain of fibromyalgia.  I couldn’t be more proud of my lovely and talented wife. 

Being a Thirty-One Husband

I know that there are men out there concerned about what having a Thirty-One wife means for their marriage.  The short answer is:  It will be an enormous blessing, if you let it.

Opportunity Knocking

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” If you or someone you know is out of work, looking for part-time income, or a way to earn extra income or work from home, I strongly consider you to consider starting your own business as a Thirty-One Gifts consultantAs with all businesses, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it, but I can attest that if you work at it diligently, the rewards are huge, and anyone can do it.

Silver Linings

We’ve been so blessed in our family that Emily found Thirty-One Gifts, which allowed her to build a business, quit her full-time work, stay at home to be a mom to our girls, and even earn us trips to Disney World, Cancun, and Dominican Republic.

Rating Direct Sales Companies: Thirty-One is Tops

After much searching and reviewing several of the most popular direct sales companies and trying one for myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that no other company compares to what Thirty-One brings to the table.

Fibromyalgia and Thirty-One

…Some days she just can’t move. Her doctors suggested more than once that she probably shouldn’t be working and could go on disability. I truly do not know how long she could have continued to work a typical 40 hour per week job.

What a blessing it was, then, when she saw that purse.

Trusting God With Your Career

Living Part Time

The World’s Best Grocery Bags

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